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22. 12. 2018.

Nelt wins Stanton Chase award for Talent Management

The international company Stanton Chase on December 21st organized the fifth jubilee award ceremony in the field of talent management. Nelt made a breakthrough compared to the previous two years, winning the top prize as the company with the best comprehensive processes in this field.

A large number of companies participated in the selection, as Coca-Cola Hellenic, Pharmanova, Vip Mobile and others. In such strong competition, Nelt was recognized as the best, thanks to the rapid and noticeable progress in the field of Talent Management in the previous period.

"All our talent management processes are created locally. This means they are fully adapted to the organization, but also that our competitors in this field are mostly multinational companies that have already established talent development programs," said Marijana Miković, Talent Development and Training Supervisor. "In 2018, we focused on improving the quality of the process and we are proud because it is recognized and rewarded. This award is recognition of teamwork and commitment, not only for the HR team but for the entire organization," she added.

In addition to the main prize that was awarded to our company, 4 special prizes were also awarded.

In 2017, our company received a special award "Company Commitment to Talent Management", while in 2016 it received a special award for the best domestic campaign for the project "You create success".