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01. 02. 2019.

NEP4: Paul Murray opened the program in 2019

After a break in January, NEP students returned ready to learn more! The second half of the one-year educational program organized by our company in cooperation with the New Iskra and the 12 Hub Gallery began with a workshop led by Paul Murray.

This actor, director and lecturer from Britain, held an intensive workshop "Improvised Performance" and inspired the participants.

"It was a unique experience, both in terms of education and in terms of motivation! After the workshop, I got a lot of ideas and I think I learned more about myself. I feel more comfortable in large collectives, less nervous and more focused," said Milica, one of the students.

Murray has developed a unique method of working with students, where the focus is less on speech, and more on the physical characteristics and non-verbal communication skills of the performers.