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  • IMG_0a91affb2b77cfffdd028c8a2fc46dee_V.jpg 27. 05. 2019.

    Nelt supports High-school Olympics

    Nelt was presented with a thank-you letter for its contribution to the organization of the sixth humanitarian "Gimnazijada" (High-school Olympics) which was held from May 13th to 17th in Belgrade.

    This year's Gimnazijada was organized on the sports fields of the Third Belgrade High School, under the patronage of the School Parliament, and in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the City of Belgrade, the Youth Center of Serbia, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure...

  • IMG_20190517_115103.jpg 20. 05. 2019.

    Students of the Faculty of Economics visit Nelt

    Within the strategic cooperation between Nelt and the Faculty of Economics of the University of Belgrade, on May 17 students of trade management visited the Central Distribution and Logistics Center in Dobanovci. Our colleagues from human resources, communications, and logistics of Nelt, as well as colleagues from sales of D Way,  prepared lectures, talks, and tours for them.

    Marko Milanković, Communications Manager Nelt Group, introduced students with the company, its organization...

  • SLIKA_1.png 14. 05. 2019.

    Participants of NEP4 in traditional Nelt visit

    Participants of the fourth generation of Nelt educational program continue to discover the other side of the knowledge, as announced by this year's program slogan. A traditional visit to Nelt was held on May 10th.

    Nelt representatives hosted young NEP4 students and held informative and educational presentations, along with an organized tour of the company in Dobanovci.

    Marko Milanković, Communication Manager Nelt Group, welcomed them with the presentation of the business wi...

  • Dobar_Start_logo.png 07. 05. 2019.

    Program Good Start 5

    A competition for participants of the fifth generation of our program Good Start has begun and will last until June 6! Graduates and final year students of elementary and master studies can apply for participation by June 6 through the Infostud website or by sending a CV to

    Carefully created training program under the slogan "Go to next level" this year will include work on several positions within the sales sector and provide students with new knowledge through work w...

  • 808z400_Dahlia_95802.png 06. 05. 2019.

    Distribution of Dahlia cosmetics in Serbia

    Nelt has officially started distribution of Dahlia cosmetics in Serbia. The product portfolio includes Dahlia, Becollino, Brion and Hera.

    This April a kick-off meeting took place in the premises of the Dahlia factory in Belgrade, attended by 46 of our sales colleagues. Dahlia representatives held a presentation on the company and presented marketing plans as well as product portfolio to members of Nelt Sales team.

    Dahlia is one of the oldest cosmetics factories in the Balkans. It...