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Social responsibility

Recognizing the importance of education for the long-term perspective and development of the communities in which it operates, Nelt continuously implements projects aimed at educating young people by providing them with modern and multidisciplinary knowledge. Investing in the young, drivers of the progress of the entire society, represents the basic direction of Nelt’s long-term strategy of socially responsible business created in 2012, marking 20 years of business operations. Since 2016, Nelt is a member of the Global Compact of the United Nations, the world’s largest civil initiative. The goal of the Global Compact is to build a socially responsible business and market. By taking part in this initiative, companies undertake to align their activities with ten universal principles in the field of human rights, labour, environmental protection and anti-corruption




During the period 2009/2010, owing to the implementation of the loop construction project in Dobanovci, Nelt contributed to the displacement of a large volume of transport and passenger traffic from the settlement. In addition to significant fuel savings for Nelt and other companies operating in the environment, a drastic reduction in environmental pollution in Dobanovci, noise reduction and the preservation of infrastructure have also been recorded.

In 2016, Nelt and Sekopak signed a cooperation agreement by which Sekopak became Nelt’s operator for packaging waste management. The goal of cooperation is to achieve more efficient sorting and preparation of packaging waste for further recycling, thus fulfilling high criteria of environmental protection. Within the cooperation activities, employees are educated on the need for environmental protection through the packaging waste management.





The Nelt Educational Program (NEP) was launched in cooperation with Nova Iskra and Galerija 12HUB as a practical and informal aspect of the educational program. Participants of this program are selected by a competition among students from different faculties in Serbia. They are given the opportunity to expand their knowledge by attending carefully designed one-year program of workshops, trainings and lectures delivered by selected mentors. They also have a unique opportunity to get to know each other and collaborate with numerous experts from multidisciplinary areas and acquire necessary skills for successful conduct of business activities. About 20 students attend the program every year.

The cooperation with the “Guarnerius” Centre for Fine Arts was established in 2014. Every year, Nelt provides support in organizing 20 concerts in which more than 40 young music talents are presented to the public. The interactive exhibition “Pupin – od fizičke do duhovne realnosti” (“Pupin - from Physical to Spiritual Reality”), the first of its kind in Serbia, was opened in September 2015 at the Historical Museum of Serbia. The exhibition was organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, with the support of Nelt and Telekom Srbija, on the occasion of marking 100 years since the registration of seven Pupin key patents in the field of telecommunications and 80 years since his death. The exhibition aimed to encourage young people to understand the importance of education and commit themselves to the development of their talents. What makes this exhibition a unique museum-related experience for visitors is the application of the latest AR (Augmented Reality) technology. By using a mobile phone or tablet to download the free app “Pupin” or mere presence of visitors in the area, each segment of the exhibition becomes interactive experience, in order to bring audio-visual content closer to visitors and illustrate the life and work of the world famous inventor.





Under the humanitarian campaign of recycling caps collection launched in November 2015, our company became part of the project “Čep za hendikep” (“Cap for Handicap”). This campaign of recycling plastic caps is managed by the Serbian Association of Quadriplegics and Paraplegics, in order to purchase wheelchairs and other orthopaedic aids for people with disabilities.

The 4-year-long tradition that brings together a large number of children each year is the event “Dečji dan” (“Children’s Day”), which presents a special opportunity for children to spend their day at work with their parents and to get to know each other, socialize and enjoy various entertaining and educational programs. Also, this event has a humanitarian character because parents bring toys and clothes that will be donated to children from vulnerable groups across Serbia.





All employees in the Company are insured under the insurance policy against consequences of an accident, i.e. accidents during and out of working hours throughout the year. Under the campaign “Kompanijski lekar” (“Company Doctor”), Nelt gives its employees the opportunity to undergo desired specialist examinations at a certain discount and also for their family members in the Primary Healthcare Centre “Vizim”. Employees in Nelt are also entitled to numerous benefits when purchasing theatre tickets for, holiday packages, footwear, clothing at sales points of the companies with which the Company has established business cooperation.