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Recruiting policy and selection of candidates

We tend to recognize the best qualities in all candidates, identify their true potentials and offer jobs that fit their individual sensibilities. Nelt's selection policy guarantees equal opportunities to all candidates.

Our recruiting procedure implies that all candidates who meet the criteria, are invited into the next selection round – testing. The number of interviews and types of tests depends on the position candidate applied for.

Interviews are conducted by the Human Resources department in cooperation with managers of departments where the open position was published.

Each step in the selection process is eliminatory. Candidates that meet all selection criteria will be offered a job or will remain in the database so they could be contacted once the same or similar position becomes available.

At the end of selection process, all candidates receive information on the outcome of selection.

To new employees we offer competitive remuneration packages, an opportunity to prove their abilities and initiative, to work in a team of capable people, according to the standards of leading global companies.