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Motivation and development

All new employees have a period of initial training. It is organized in order for them to learn about their own professional assignments, but also to get a wider picture of company business.

All trainings for employees are adjusted to the level of knowledge and the needs of participants. In accordance with these criteria, an individual training plan is made for each employee in the company. Aiming to transfer our knowledge and experience in the best possible way, in 2007 we established an Internal Training Team which currently counts 15 active members (assistants, supervisors, managers of different departments and experts in certain fields). Team members include our colleagues from all countries where Nelt operates.

We also organize various types of formal and informal meetings where we develop a team spirit among colleagues. Furthermore, there are various events and different benefits for our employees which can contribute to their overall job satisfaction.

Internship in Nelt

Nelt gives opportunities to young and talented people to acquaint themselves with the work of our company and gain new knowledge and skills in areas of their interest. During the internship they all actively participate in business operations of the company. Anyone who exhibits initiative and a desire to learn can be offered a career within our company.